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October 4, 2013 @ 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Get or Renew your E-Passport in Indianapolis

Courtesy of the Nigerian Consulate in New York and NIDO Indiana Chapter


Officials from the Consulate General of Nigeria, New York will be in Indianapolis on Friday October 4th and Saturday October 5th for Processing. It is important that you follow the instructions below


Key Documents

Download a PDF of the Processing Instructions

Download a PDF of the Processing Schedule indicating the date and time you should appear

Download a PDF of the Fee schedule indicating how much you are expected to pay


Processing Instructions

Items Comments
Who can I contact if I have question

What is the Date and Time of the Processing You will be processed on either

  • Friday October 4th from 8AM to 5PM OR
  • Saturday October 5th from 8AM to 2PM
When should I show up for processing
The complete schedule has been emailed to the email address on your application. 

Please call Gbile Adewunmi if you have not received the schedule. 

Please show up at your assigned date and time

Where will the processing take place? Processing will take place at: 

Anglican Cathedral Church of the Resurrection
8350 Ditch Road, Indianapolis IN 46260

Must I appear in Person Yes, your biometrics will be taken so you must appear in person

What Fees will I have to pay. You will need TWO money orders before you can be processed

1. A $60 money order PER APPLICANT payable to the Consulate General of Nigeria. Processing fee for ALL applicants

2. A $20 money order PER FAMILY payable to NIDO Indiana. This is to help with the mailing and logistics to set up the event


All members of a family MUST share the same last name. A separate document indicating what you are expected to pay is attached.

There are additional fees for Lost Passports – see below



Required Paperwork / Documentation

It is important to bring all the required documentation to make sure that you can be processed successfully. The required documentation for both Adults and Minors is spelled out below.

Note: You do not need to bring any photographs. Photographs will be taken by the Consulate officials


1. Copy of your online application form (signed and dated)

2. Copy of your Payment Confirmation Slip

3. Appropriate payment – See “What Fess will I have to pay?” above

4. Applicant’s current passport (ok if expired) AND  photocopy of the data page clearly showing the photograph, full name and date of birth

    • If current passport NOT presented, it will be considered lost – see instructions for lost passports below

5. Anyone requesting a name change must present a legal document supporting the change e.g. wedding certificate 


First time adult applicants must also provide:

    • 1 – 5 above as appropriate
    • Applicant’s birth certificate
    • Non-Nigerian born applicants must provide a copy of the Nigerian passport and letter of authorization from a Nigerian parent that appears on his/her birth certificate as right of citizenship



1. Signed letter of authorization from BOTH PARENTS

    • Signatures should match the signatures on their respective passports and names should match those on the child’s birth certificate

2. Copy of the data pages of BOTH parents’ passports clearly showing the photograph, full name and date of birth

3. Copy of the child’s birth certificate


    • In case where only one parent appears on the birth certificate, authorization need only come from the absent parent if the child bear his/her name
    • In case where either parent has sole custody but both parents appear in name on the birth certificate, a copy of a legal document should be provided to this effect, and in which case, consent need only come from the single parent.
    • In case one parent is deceased, a death certificate must be provided 


Lost Passports

Lost or stolen passports attract a penalty fee and a police report must be obtained. Applicants who are unable to provide their current passports must also present the following:

  • All available evidence of the lost or stolen passport and / or proof of citizenship (i.e. birth certificate)
  • Police Report
  • $370.00 money order made payable to the Consulate of Nigeria, New York



Last minute applicants

1. Download Application Instructions:  NIDO Application Instructions

2. Fill out the application and make the necessary payment

3. Show up for processing at one of the spillover time slots. Please note that applicants who are currently on the list have priority. While you are NOT guaranteed to be processed, we will do our best to serve you.



For any questions, contact one of the following people

Name Email Phone
Gbile Adewunmi
 (765) 532-6905
Wale Mafolasire
 (317) 698-0201
Sylvia Onyegiri
 (317) 332-2273